Frequently Asked Questions


What do you offer?

We offer photo and video packages and photo and second shooter packages for weddings!

Do you do JUST video alone?

Sadly, no. Our packages are photo and video combined.

How much do you charge?

We have a few different packages that you are able to choose from, to see these please fill out our contact form on our website.

Do we feed you at the reception?

This would be nice, yes! We generally do not have a break all day unless it is in the car or during the reception when the other guests are eating. The perfect time to feed us would be at the same time as your guests when there is generally nothing happening that we need to capture - we don’t want to miss any special moments! Neither of us have dietary requirements.

When and how to we receive our photos and videos?

You will receive them on USB, both at the same time. We will send you a handful of images from your day the next day for you to share & also a short second film during the week after the wedding. Our average turn around time is 1-2 months after your wedding. 

I want to book you but still not sure on dates

We will need to lock in dates ASAP. Most couples get married around the same time of the year. We will need a deposit from you for that date to secure your booking!

How do we get our photos after the wedding?

We will post your package via Australia Post. Local or interstate shipping will take between 2-8 days. International will be between 8-12 days with tracking of course. Melbourne based couples - I would be happy to meet you in person when you return from your honeymoon or when your package is ready if this better suits.

How do we choose locations for our wedding day?

By all means, share your ideas and locations that you wish for us to work in – We’d also be happy to research and locate somewhere for you.

Can we meet?

Of course! It would be awesome to meet face-to-face. All Melbourne based couples have the opportunity to meet us in person, whether it’s at a local cafe with nice cupcakes or your favourite park. Feel free to let us know where you are based so we can locate a destination that suits both parties.